The Digital Denim Mill

The Future is

Neela is proud to be digital-ready. Our upgraded 3D fabric sampling capabilities put us on the cutting edge of technology. It is our commitment to serve our customers and to meet the demands of the market - ahead of the curve.

Digital Tools for a better future

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Material Digitization at the Source

Creating digital fabrics is the new responsibility of a modern fabric mill. By digitizing materials at the mill, we ensure that there's one original digital file for the material, which all of our customers can replicate and adjust as each see fit. It also allows us to introduce and share new fabric developments with our customers much faster, while saving costs and the environment. We cannot wait to see what you create with our digital materials.
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Workflow & Integration

3D is here to stay. As more brands and vendors are using 3D tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness, we believe it's important for Neela to be at the forefront of serving our customers with digital fabrics, as well as physical fabrics. Our materials are made to fit our customer's design and development workflows, and our files are compatible with most popular 3D tools, such as CLO3D, Browzwear, Optitex, Style3D, Adobe Substance, and many more.
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Digital Design for better physical products

What if our customers could have online access to 3D-ready materials from fabric mills around the world, with detailed product and production information, to sample digitally first? When designing and developing digitally, you can try as many different design combinations as possible without wasting any sample materials. That sounds like a better way to create better products.

ANy questions so far?

We understand that 3D is new to a lot of our customers. We are learning a lot in the process of becoming a digital denim mill, and we want to share what we learn with you. We have listed some of the common questions we often receive below here. Feel free to reach out if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.
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A Fashion Designer's Guide to Digital Denim

In this guide, you will find information on how to get started with digital denim fabrics, digital denim garments, and laundry design, as well as how to further your knowledge of the technology.
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Request 3D samples of your favourite Neela fabrics

We need brands to help us go digital. We can offer 3D files of any fabric you need. It takes time to digitize all of our fabrics, so it's important that you tell us when you need a 3D version of specific fabrics. Ready to serve.