Some collection of our denim creation and innovation throughout time. Explore our denim concepts through their lifestyles.

Blue Hemp

A conscious ethos and lifestyle denim, which stands for responsible consumption using sustainable resources
Blue Hemp Denim Concept Image

Hybrid Denim

Fabrics made with REPREVE® and special weave technology constructions that combine the authentic look of a woven denim fabric
Hybrid denim concept banner


Super strecth high performance denim, with soft hand feel.
Jeantech Denim Concept Banner


Ethically and responsibly sourced yarns with vertically sustainable production, saving 95% water vs conventional denim
Purify+ Denim Concept Banner


Performnace power denim with enhanced recovery and some qualities featuring heat management
Performance Denim Concept Banner

Retro Jeaneration

A playful look into 80s old school denim with orange peel and hints of salt and pepper
Retro Jeaneration Denim Concept Banner

Revive Denim

Crafted using post consumer dyed waste denim with special technique of yarn spinning. No dyeing process at all and ensuring chemical plus water saving.
Revive Denim Concept Banner

Royal Denim

Range of Fashion forward Fabrics that utilise luxurious fibers and weaves to create fabrics amazing softness drape and sheen
Royal Denim Concept Banner

Shape Supreme

Have used environmentally friendly fibers such as Lenzing's REFIBRA™ in varying compositions
Shape Supreme Denim Concept Banner

Vintage Reborn

Authentic denim inspired by golden era od 1960s to 70s, with all the imperfections and character inspired from past.
Vintage Reborn Denim Concept Banner


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