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Reinventing denim fabric, from seed to fabric

Neela is a sub-brand of Sapphire Group. We entered the denim industry in 2017 to change the way the fabric is made and sold from Asia. This means improving the quality, pushing innovation forward, and building long-lasting relationships with our customers.

In a time when the environmental impact of fashion, particularly denim, is being scrutinised more closely than ever, our mill - Neela By Sapphire Fibres - embraces unique opportunities


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We make every effort to embrace the rule of law. We also uphold fairness with all stakeholders including employees. Customers should work with us based on what we stand for as a company first then the product.
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Honesty is the core of our values. It is reflected on how we communicate transparently with all of our stakeholders. Humility is just as important. It drives growth, fosters learning, and helps people focus on the greater good.
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By embracing innovation, we ensure lasting happiness for both our customers and our employees. Innovation is not just about product, but it is also about questioning our past practices so that we can be better prepared for evolving expectations of the market


Mohammed Abdullah, Founder of Sapphire Group Inaugurating A New Mill in Pakistan
While Sapphire Fibres has 80 years of industry experience in the cotton industry, Neela is its protégé.

Here to set new standards for the Denim Industry, Neela finds itself with a wealth of knowledge to tap into, ensuring the quality and service of its promise; to make denim better for people and the planet.

Our unique shared history with Sapphire Fibres makes us who are. We pride ourselves for being able to hold full quality control over all processes: from growing our own cotton to spinning, dyeing, and designing fabrics, weaving denim, and taking orders, to the point of delivery.

FLEXIBLE and dynamic

We love to collaborate with our customers to develop innovative and unique solutions to make your ideas a reality.
Backed with our rich archives,  we are able to push forward by having a strong foundation to stand on.

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