Gender Equality (Women's Day Special)

June 4, 2021
the Editorial Team
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Oppressed, inferior, and unequal – these are the words often used to describe women in Pakistan.

As a privately held enterprise in Pakistan, we benefit significantly from women's increased employment and leadership opportunities. One of the many benefits includes increased organisational effectiveness. Read on to learn more about the initiatives we're implementing to make Neela a genuinely inclusive workplace.

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Percentage-wise, women make up half the population in Pakistan, yet only 24% make up the workforce in Pakistan. When we empower women to participate in economic decision-making and give them access to decent work and work environments, we boost productivity, economic diversification, and other positive development outcomes. For both socioeconomic and cultural development, it is pertinent to practice equality among genders.

At Neela, women partake at all levels from product development, research to production and quality inspection. We also provide on-the-job training programs to equip women with the same skills as their male counterparts.

We practice Diversity and inclusion (D&I) from the top-down to foster a company culture where every voice is welcome, heard and respected.

Some of our practices include:

1. Collaboration on every level

The first step in empowering the female workforce at Neela is to hear them out and actively seek their opinion. Women at Neela play an active role in the strategy and planning process, particularly when it comes to creating a better work environment for everyone.

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2. Fair Living Wages:

There is no reason we would want to pay a female employee less than her male counterpart if she has all the necessary qualifications and is a promising employee.

3. Creating A Safe Work Environment

We actively frame policies at the workplace to address issues and have a redressal mechanism that safeguards the complainant's dignity and interests.

4. Living Conditions

To address the accommodation concern for our female employees, who are away from their home location, we provide a safe and well-furnished accommodation to allow women to make a sustainable career at Neela.

5. Day Shift Allocation

We allow women to work the day shift on floor duties as we understand that women play many roles in our society. Keeping their safety and commitments in mind, we offer them the flexibility to work exclusively during the day shift.

Being an equal opportunity employer, Neela respects the unique needs, perspectives and potential of all their staff members.

On this International Women's Day (IWD) - March 8, 2021, we would like to pay tribute to the diligent and tiring efforts put in by our female colleagues and pledge to give them an environment free from any gender bias and inequality.

Woman posing International Women's Day pose

This year's IWD 2021 campaign theme is #ChooseToChallenge. Let's all choose to challenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes, and help forge an inclusive world for all women around the world.