Neela's Liberty Collection - Built for Performance

July 28, 2022
the Editorial Team
Comfort fashion trends have presented themselves within the fashion industry. To follow this, we have created Plush, an authentic and soft denim fabric.
Known as "performance denim", jeggings became one of 2010's fastest-growing clothing trends after making their official debut in 2009.

Despite receiving a large response during the tail end of the skinny jeans era in the 2000s, this fashion trend did not last long. The return of jeggings in 2022 is not a surprise, either. During the pandemic, consumers wore sweatsuits and shorts because they could not meet their colleagues in-person.

Samples created from the TENCEL™ Modal Fibre With Indigo Colour Technology, part of the Liberty collection. Source: Neela Archives

With most people returning to their offices, consumers are looking for a professional yet comfortable solution that can meet their daily needs. A stretchy knit fabric offers optimal flexibility while offering a traditional denim look, offering consumers a perfect product.

The primary characteristics of traditional jeans have been well-known for years, but jeggings are a bit different and often misunderstood.

Here are the main differences between the two;

  • In contrast to jeans which are rigid and form-fitting, jeggings are flexible and form-fitting.
  • In some instances, jeggings have faux zippers in order to achieve a more realistic denim look, but they usually don't.
  • In contrast to traditional denim, jeggings-like fabric offers a similar level of flexibility that is similar to leggings.

As a fashion trend-focused company, Neela is constantly searching for fabrics to offer the industry. This led to the creation of Liberty, a collection that offers high performance and comfortable denim. Some fabrics in our line include Elisa Dark Blue and Astraus Future Black. Speak to our team today to enquire about our fabrics. 

With the Liberty collection, you get a compact jegging that offers a luxury denim fabric feel with ultimate stretch and flexibility, with very little growth. In combining these two attributes, we have created a stretchy denim fabric that feels lightweight, freeing, and tight. These features enable consumers to wear jeggings for multiple formal and informal occasions.

3D Samples created from the TENCEL™ Modal Fibre With Indigo Colour Technology, part of the Liberty collection. Source: Neela Archives

The denim industry must cater to consumer needs since consumer preferences have changed. People who wear jeans want stretchy denim that moves with their bodies naturally.

Our Liberty collection provides a superb, classic denim look while offering the current trending attribute, flexibility, at the same time.

As a result of Liberty's flexibility and realistic denim appearance, denim can now be worn in many more environments. Thus, it can be used as activewear and loungewear while also serving as a go-to option for formal events like dinners.

Due to its ability to meet all essential consumer demands, stretchy denim will undoubtedly become a prominent choice for many occasions.

Find out more about our new fabric and our other innovative products by contacting our team at Neela today.