Kingpins Amsterdam April 2022: Neela, The Digital Denim Mill

April 16, 2022
the Editorial Team
Neela's 3D rendered garments from digital fabrics
Neela is thrilled to announce that we will be making a launch at the Kingpins Amsterdam Show on April 20-21, 2022. During this event, we will be introducing our digital denim fabrics and 3D capabilities for the first time. We believe that digital will change how people see and feel denim forever, and new 3D technologies are already here for the industry to benefit.

This is the first in-person event Kingpins have held in two years, and it is the current highlight of the denim world. This will be a monumental moment for us here at Neela, as we have worked tirelessly to improve our digital capabilities in a way that supports our customers in a meaningful way. We are now finally ready to show the world what we have been working on.

Source: 3D garments rendered from Neela's fabrics

Neela continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with denim. With our innovative design and manufacturing approach, we have been able to create some of the most unique and interesting denim fabrics available on the market, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

The Kingpins show will take place in SugarCity, Amsterdam from April 20-21. We will be in booth #37. For more information on the event, visit

Our Three Showcase Highlights

1) Offering Digital Fabric Samples for 3D of Our Latest Collections

Digital fabrics are the future of the fashion industry. We believe that 3D is an important technology that fashion is headed towards, and we are proud to be at the forefront of incorporating this technology into our design & development processes - to become a digital denim mill. 

Neela are, powered by INDIKON’s technology, now able to offer 3D-ready digital samples of our fabrics on-demand, so that buyers can use our PBR texture files directly within their favourite 3D CAD software and start designing. Come by our booth to get access to these digital samples, or request 3D files of your favorite Neela fabrics on our website. 

Source: Digital fabrics rendered powered by INDIKON

2) Launch of a New Guide for Fashion Designers on Digital Denim Design

Besides the digital samples, Neela is also presenting a new guide on digital denim design for fashion designers. Whether you are an experienced user of 3D CAD software or not, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the entire digital denim workflow.

The guide covers important topics such as sustainability, digital denim fabrics and garment designs, their potential impact on the sampling process, and more. It provides valuable insight into how 3D helps us generate less waste, drastically increase speed in the design and production processes, and lower costs.

Source: Neela's new guide for fashion designers

3) Learn About Our Latest Collections

Our new Green Life and Retro Thrill collections will be showcased during the show. These two collections represent the different sides of Neela's new fabric developments. The Green Life collection is inspired by nature and features organic materials and enhanced construction methods. The Retro Thrill collection is appealing to authentic denim history and features fabrics that make a great base for vintage-inspired washes and finishes. Both collections are sure to impress attendees with their attention to detail and innovative style.

We are excited to see you at the Kingpins Amsterdam Show!