R.O. Water Plant for The Clean Water Initiative

June 15, 2022
the Editorial Team
Ro Water Plant for The Clean Water Initiative
People have access to clean water in most parts of the western world. However, this isn't the case everywhere. The UN SDGs emphasise access to clean water and sanitation for all, as billions of people do not have this. Pakistan is among the top 10 countries with the lowest access to clean water, a reality for many in the country.
Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation from the UN SDG goals. Source: UN SDG

With deep ties to Pakistan and the community, we believe that we need to help the people here. Following a review of the various options and brainstorming with our team of experts, we decided that installing a RO (Reverse Osmosis) water plant was the best option. 

Here is everything you need to know about how Neela and the Sapphire group the local Pakistan community to get clean water.

Having access to fresh, clean water should become a global mandate. However, significant investments in infrastructure are needed, so we took matters into our own hands.

Local members from the Babliana village getting water. Source: Neela Archives

The entire Sapphire Group, including Neela, has a responsibility to act responsibly environmentally and socially. Knowing many Pakistanis struggle to provide for their families, we knew we had to do something.

We helped build a RO water plant in the small village of Babliana, a few kilometres from our manufacturing plant, to help the local Pakistani communities.

Part of the R.O. water treatment plant installed. Source: Neela Archives

Rather than relying on electricity, the industrial RO plant can be operated by water pressure, providing clean water at a fraction of the cost of a conventional water filtration system.

With the installation of the RO water plant, 300 homes in Babliana now have access to clean drinking water outside Neela's denim plant.Besides providing clean water to local Pakistani communities, Our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) extend far beyond that.

We have always given back to the community from the beginning by supporting World Water Day, new agricultural techniques, and Corporate Social Responsibility standards

In villages like Babliana, clean water and good hygiene are vital for people to live a dignified and healthy life. By improving quality of life, we hope to revitalise communities and help them flourish.

The close proximity between our Denim Mill and the Babliana village. Source: Neela Archives

The rural villages and towns of Pakistan face daily challenges, including lack of water resources, outdated farming techniques, and inadequate education. It is these communities that need our support. Whether it is improving their current living conditions or enhancing our thriving agriculture sector, Neela is working to supporting local communities. 

Contributing to CSR projects around Pakistan and helping those in need will remain one of our priorities.

Local members from the Babliana village drinking water together. Source: Neela Archives

In order to support the Pakistani community, we will continue to invest. 

We will continuously improve and scale our CSR projects for the community. Among these initiatives could be installing more reverse osmosis plants for water purification or treating cataracts for the less fortunate. 

Learn more about our CSR initiatives here: