Neela by Sapphire Fibres’ New Rope Dyeing Process: Purify 2.0

June 30, 2022
the Editorial Team
Neela by Sapphire Fibres’ New Rope Dyeing Process: Purify 2.0
We established Neela by Sapphire Fibres in 2016 with a mission to create an industry-changing denim plant. Taking responsibility for production processes, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate. Purify 2.0, a BluWin certified rope dyeing system, is the result.

The new dyeing process, Purify 2.0, represents a significant step toward more responsible dyeing and finishing. It is possible for this dyeing technique to help save up to 96% of water over traditional methods by the usage of pre-wetting and post washing boxes. We have managed to cut water and energy usage astronomically by altering this area.

Comparing the traditional dyeing process to the Purify 2.0 process, source: Neela Archives

In Neela's denim plant, we have state of the art facilities that have earned us a gold-rated LEEDS certificate. This enables us to experiment and develop new processes that will benefit the industry.

To better understand the impact of the Purify 2.0 process, see the following:

  • Optimal dyestuff application - The Purify process ensures 100% dyestuff application, as opposed to conventional processes that typically lose 15-20% of dyestuff.
  • Enhanced wash results - Purify 2.0 aids quick wash off. Therefore, making the fabric laser friendly helps you achieve better wash results.
  • Environmentally responsible - The Purify process uses up to 96% less water, 15% less electricity, and 40% less steam
Ball Warping Process, source: Neela Archives
Sizing process, source: Neela Archives

We invited a third-party verification company, BluWin, to review our practices and confirm our findings. We are proud to be approved by BluWin as well as in compliance with ZDHC standards.

To learn more about how you can leverage the Purify 2.0 process in your next collection, do not hesitate in reaching out to our team. We are happy to support you in your developments.