An Insight into Neela by Sapphire Fibres’ Working Culture: A LEED® Certified Manufacturer

March 7, 2022
the Editorial Team
Neela by Sapphire Fibres are LEED-Certified manufacturers in Pakistan that thrive on innovation, creativity, and honesty, but what’s it like working with them?
We are Neela by Sapphire Fibres, denim fabric manufacturers in Pakistan that are all about responsible manufacturing, genuine working relationships, and innovative products. By approaching our industry in this unique way, we have accomplished optimal longevity. We have immense pride in our working culture and want to showcase our in-house environment and operations. For a deeper understanding of this, read the following:

The Neela Company Culture

Undoubtedly, the primary reason we have achieved such high levels of success over the years is our unbreakable working culture. Our values embrace ethical practises, honesty, and humility, ensuring everyone feels valued when working with Neela. 

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When Was Neela Founded? 

Neela by Sapphire fibres was first founded in 2016 by Shayan Abdullah, a man wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. But instead of following traditional routes of cotton and textile mills, Shayan’s key focus has always been responsible denim manufacturing. 

The pre-existing foundation and innovative approach allowed the establishment of a vertically integrated premier textile mill manufacturing the whole nine yards from cotton yarn to fabrics, as well as offering exceptional customer service. 

Shayan Abdullah at the Neela Plant. Source: Neela Archives.

The Working Culture 

We have an excellent working culture that focuses on three primary issues: gender inequality, underprivileged communities, and long-lasting working relationships. By considering each of these, we have noticed an enrichment of culture both in-and outside of Neela. 

The approach to gender equality was essential, as only 25% of women work in Pakistan. Therefore, we diversified our production, sales, and senior teams of all genders, setting an example for other businesses located in our country. Here, we promote International Women’s Day, hoping it will encourage other companies to follow in our footsteps. 

Neela Employees Celebrating International Women’s Day.
Source: Article “Gender Equality (Women's Day Special)

Another critical element is supporting underprivileged communities in Pakistan. In this country, over 55 million people live below the poverty line. We are achieving this by collaborating with surrounding businesses and assisting in CSR project initiatives. By doing this, we are hoping to reduce the number of underprivileged families in Pakistan and make a solid foundation of support within our communities. 

In addition, our work culture promotes maximum longevity in working relationships, which was excellently described by Shayan himself in our introduction video

We have had people work in this company for generations. You know, I am the third generation in this company. We have people in this company who have worked with us for more than 30 years, 20 years and are still associated with this company. My grandfather, who is over 80, still comes to the office and works, you know. So, we have had people in our spinning department who have retired, but they still come to work.

Neela’s Denim Plant

Along with our work culture, our plant environment and building also follow important aspects of Neela - environmental responsibility. Undeniably, manufacturers contribute massively to air pollution, energy usage, and water wastage. Neela wants to lead the way in changing this with better practises and technology. 

Therefore, we constructed a denim plant that considers this and minimises the impact of our manufacturing processes. To accomplish this, we designed our processes to support water recycling, reduce energy consumption, and eliminate harmful substances. We are always up to standard in this sector, making us gold LEED® Certified

The Neela Plant. Source: Neela Archives.

The LEED® Certification program is the leading international sustainable building design and construction award. Being LEED® Certified indicates that we have constructed our facilities with sustainability in mind that reduces our effect on the environment. 

The Leading Denim Fabric Manufacturers in Pakistan for Innovative Processes

In Pakistan, we are developing techniques in denim manufacturing by creating unique fibre blends and processes. The current fabric innovations we are developing consist of vitamin denim, sugar denim, Idenim, and most notably soy fibres, which are created from the by-product leftovers of soybean oil/tofu/soymilk that normally get discarded. 

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