Stretch Denim: Are Low Compression Fabrics the New Trend?

March 28, 2022
the Editorial Team
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Despite the fashion industry continuously changing, skinny jeans remain a prominent option for many. It has been a staple for decades but still has one significant disadvantage to other leg-wear: the perfect balance between low compression and comfortability. Until the release of stretch denim, traditional jean aesthetics were compromised by the lack of flexibility. But will these low compression jeans become trendy in a highly competitive market?

The worthiness of stretch denim is remarkable, especially when comparing it to other fabric types. Stretch denim is known for its perfect glove-like fit while maintaining the utmost flexibility and luxury. These combined offer three primary advantages:  

  • Aesthetics – Many manufacturers sacrifice comfortability for general aesthetics, which degrades the overall pleasure of wearing the clothing. However, the low compression fabrics within stretch denim allow people to gain an authentic jean look while maintaining immense comfort. 
  • Comfortability – Skinny jeans are excellent, yet many are too tight to feel comfortable. The inadequate stretchiness of the fabric does not feel relaxing or sustainable to wear daily. But stretch denim offers jeans that feel like sweatpants while maintaining traditional aesthetics. 
  • Satisfaction – It is denim made for movement, fashion, and comfort, offering excellent satisfaction to the end wearer. Combining these allows for the most picturesque skinny jeans, offering many a pleasurable experience.   
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Several of our fabrics from the E-Fit collection meet LYCRA®’s FREEF!T®  and Beauty criteria. Learn more about LYCRA® FREEF!T® Technology for Denim and Wovens below. 

Undoubtedly, the considerations above are the primary fundamentals many search for within a jean. Stretch denim can provide advantages effortlessly, making them a highly possible candidate to be trendy. 

At Neela, we develop and manufacture innovative fabrics to improve our industry. Being specialists within the denim market, we noticed a problem with skinny jeans. They are too compressed, uncomfortable, and do not offer the utmost satisfaction. Therefore, we decided to create a new jeans collection, called E-Fit. 

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Our E-Fit range is not like traditional stretch denim. Instead, it is manufactured with low compression fabrics and technologies. Using a special weave design, yarn technologies, and the appropriate fibres, we can create low compression jeans which feel incredible.  

In addition to their luxury and comfort feeling comes with the traditional skinny jeans aesthetic. The jean is developed to elegantly fit your body, while maintaining flexibility and looks. Therefore, it is a denim product that offers the best longevity in terms of wearability.   

Various fabrics within our E-Fit range include the low compression jean feeling, including the Carmen Deep Blue, Scarlet Core Blue, and Mulan OB Olympia Blue, all offering the mentioned advantages. 

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The reason why many brands and consumers should consider our E-Fit collection is astronomical.

  • Wearability – Low compression jeans offer a high level of stretchability to the consumer, offering optimal comfort and satisfaction. 
  • Luxuriousness – The E-Fit collection is relaxed, gentle, and offers a soft touch, boosting the luxuriousness of the product to the end customer. 
  • Visually pleasing – Including the exceptional comfort levels and luxury, the general aesthetics of the traditional jean-look remains the same. 

Consumers feel relaxed, splendid, and fabulous with these, which ticks all boxes for both brands and their customers. 

Source: Neela Archives

Low compression jeans are undoubtedly here to stay. Any brand looking for a jean collection to fulfil customer expectations regarding shape retention, flexibility, comfort, and style, truly does not need to look further than our E-Fit collection. 

At Neela, we constantly look for creative processes with modern-day technologies to better our denim industry. By considering market requirements and demands, we are successful at developing denim wear that consumers adore. For more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact our team today.