What are Viloft and Viseta Fibres?

March 7, 2022
the Editorial Team
Neela's denim fabric with viloft and viseta fibres
There is an abundance of fibres brands can select from in the denim industry. However, two that stand out from the rest are Viloft and Viseta fibres, which can be perfectly blended with cotton and other raw materials. But what are they?

Both fibres are created by a German manufacturer, Kelheim Fibres. The Viseta Fibre is lightweight, soft, and 50% finer than silk. It is crafted from natural cellulose fibres, providing unrecognisable comfort levels while maintaining the utmost strength and longevity. 

Source: Kelheim Fibres

The Viloft Fibres are more well-known for their moisture management, breathability, and durability. It is created from viscose which is produced from extracting cellulose from wood and reshaping it into the final product. Therefore, it is biodegradable and has an FSC certification

Source: Kelheim Fibres

After the brief introduction to each of these ground-breaking fibres, you should have a general idea of what they are. However, what are the primary reasons for blending these fibres into the denim we make? 

  1. Enhanced breathability – Unlike 100% cotton, these fibres are developed by trapping air within the material to enhance breathability
  2. Superb moisture regain – Both fibres are also created with moisture management in mind, ensuring optimal vapour absorption. 
  3. Excellent Hygiene – Due to their moisture regain capabilities, it makes for a cleaner, more hygienic fibre capable of retarding the growth of bacteria naturally.  
  4. Superior softness – The flat fibres of the Viloft offer immense softness, while the Viseta matches this with its natural cellulose fibres.
  5. Natural origin – Each Viseta and Viloft Fibres are made from natural resources which are 100% biodegradable.  
Source: Kelheim Fibres

We implement each of these fibres within our blends, and these fibres can be found in the following fabrics: Ginola Sapphire Blue, Swift Core Blue and Veyron Halicarnas Blue.

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Each mentioned product uses different blends between cotton and the two innovative fabrics. In most circumstances, the ratio with cotton and Viseta or Viloft Fibres are roughly 70:30 or 50:50, depending on the item itself. 

Source: Neela Archives.

The possible benefits people can obtain from Viloft and Viseta Fibre stretch much further than many might think. Because it will offer advantages to: 

  • End consumers – Each fibre can be blended with cotton resulting in a smooth touch softer than silk, exceptional moisture wicking management, and extreme flexibility, making an overall desirable denim product for the end consumer. 
  • Clothing brands – In addition, clothing brands can benefit by offering garments that follow reasonable manufacturing practices with renewable resources. Many consumers want eco-friendlier products, meaning you can keep in trend with the market. 
  • The environment – Lastly, the materials are extracted from wood, making it OEKO-TEX certified, FSC approved, and 100% biodegradable. 

Now that you have a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of what Viloft and Viseta fibres are, along with the true benefits of using these materials, you can start implementing them to be used in your next collection. It is considerably better for the environment while maintaining optimal features that make denim fabrics excellent. 

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