REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability Award 2022 — Textile Partner

June 27, 2022
the Editorial Team
REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability Award 2022 Textile Partner
Our innovation specialists at Neela by Sapphire Fibres and the Sapphire Group identify trends in a manner that is inherently aligned with our social and environmental responsibilities. Since Neela discovered REPREVE® by Unifi, our company has begun integrating this technology into multiple denim lines.

Our group achieved a huge milestone when we received the Champions of Sustainability award from Unifi. Both REPREVE® and Unifi are global leaders in the fashion industry, and the award is a major accomplishment.

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The Champions of Sustainability Awards. Source: REPREVE®’s website

A “team sport”, environmental sustainability is one everyone should participate in, and REPREVE® has made it easier for everyone to do so. By using REPREVE® fibre, which is primarily made from recycled plastic bottles, we are able to reduce the amount of unrecycled plastic bottles around the world, which allows us to improve our environmental impact.

Read on to find out how and why we were able to accomplish this;

The Sapphire group, including Neela, is constantly pushing for higher levels of environmental responsibility. To name a few examples, we have partnered with WWF Pakistan for their organic cotton project, improved our corporate social responsibility standards, and are always striving for innovative ways to lower our environmental impact.

Celebrating 30 Billion Bottles Recycled. Source: REPREVE®’s website

The Champions of Sustainability award is our company's honour to date because we followed the values and culture that guide us as a company.

This award recognises brands, retailers, and textile partners using REPREVE® and helping to reduce waste by removing billions of plastic bottles from landfills. Since its inception five years ago, it has encouraged the participation of many organisations. 

Champions of Sustainability has helped recycle billions of plastic bottles in a variety of categories, including;

  • Billion Bottle Circle Winner
  • Brand and Retailer Winners
  • Textile Partner Winners
  • Special Recognition Award
  • Newcomer Award
  • Partner in Innovation Award

The Sapphire Group was named one of the Textile Partner Champions of Sustainability award winners, meaning we recycled between 50 and 200 million plastic bottles.

This was done by using REPREVE® fibre, which matches our company's goals. This fibre is high-quality, durable and, most importantly, prevents billions of bottles from entering our waste streams. 

More than 500 billion plastic bottles are used worldwide each year. Only 7% of those collected are recycled to create new bottles. These bottles fill the oceans and landfills, damaging the environment.

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REPREVE® and its brands have recycled more than 30 billion bottles in total. Although this represents a small fraction of the yearly use, the organisation wants to expand the use of their fibres in textiles.

In using REPREVE® in textile manufacturing, the Sapphire Group does its part for more responsible manufacturing and makes REPREVE® more accessible globally.

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