Responsible Manufacturing: 'Green Life' Collection by Neela

June 2, 2022
the Editorial Team
Responsible Manufacturing: 'Green Life' Collection by Neela
Denim and textile production pose significant environmental challenges worldwide. Consequently, Neela continuously optimises its practices toward more responsible manufacturing.

Our main goals at Neela are to develop innovative and ethical practices that improve the production practices of the denim industry.

We promote the improvement of production processes in order to reduce the following concerns:

  • Waste –  An estimated two million tonnes of textile waste is disposed of annually, either through recycling or permanent disposal.
  • Water usage - Textile production (including farming) uses approximately 93 billion cubic metres of fresh water annually, accounting for 4% of freshwater withdrawals worldwide.
  • Chemical production - The large amount fabric sold annually requires a lot of chemicals, such as dyes containing heavy metals, bleaches, fixing agents, solvents, detergents, etc.

Our new collection called Green Life will reduce these issues in a reasonable way; here is everything you need to know about it.

Our years of existence have seen us experiment with a variety of innovative procedures and participation in initiatives where we continue to explore what more we can do to contribute to responsible manufacturing. The WWF Pakistan Organic Cotton project, the development of laser-friendly fabrics, the incorporation of soy fibres into our products, and our involvement with drone technology, which will facilitate sustainable agriculture in Pakistan, are a few of our initiatives.

Using our industry expertise of environmentally responsible practices, we have integrated them into Green Life.

We also offer a wide variety of fibre options for our customers to choose from, which include:

  • Biodegradable fibre from Lycra
  • Post-consumer recycled cotton
  • Recycled polyester by Repreve
  • Organic cotton that WWF Pakistan oversees
  • CiCLO® fibres that boost the bioremediation process

Some examples of our fabrics include: Almeria, Madison, Bernie, and many more.

By combining all the effective practices of our sustainable innovations, the Green Life collection offers the best of both worlds, while still offering products of the highest quality. 

Interested in what we have to offer? Do not hesitate in getting in touch, let us work together to make your next denim collection the best one yet. 

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