The Return of 80s Fashion: Retro Thrill

June 2, 2022
the Editorial Team
The history of 80s fashion is making a bold return. We have created a new collection called Retro Thrill to accommodate this style.
The 80's are making a huge comeback - That's right. In 2022, fashion is shifting from skinny, high-waisted jeans to stonewashed, rock-and-roll.

Vintage clothing is increasingly selling in retail and resale stores, with denim being re-adopted by many consumers. Natalie Como recently said, "The more vintage the better", and she is absolutely right. 

The Neela team predicted the return of vintage denim. However, we wanted to put our own spin on it. Rather than follow old, outdated practices, we wanted to introduce vintage denim in our own way, with innovative materials and processes.

The last fifty years have seen popular trends come back again and again. Lately, nostalgia and retro denim have been making a strong comeback across all demographics.

In addition to being committed to making the denim industry more responsible, we also thrive on providing what consumers want, hence our new Retro Thrill collection.

It is our team's mission at Neela to create jeans that consumers love, and that is exactly what we did. With our modern manufacturing process and innovative practices, we created jeans that are totally authentic, high quality, and comfortable.

A lot of the 60s and 80s trends came from popular British rock bands like the Rolling Stones. At the time, denim was very different. As Rivet describes, the nostalgic generation gravitated towards rigid fabrications and wide-legged pants.  

Our modern authentic denim is inspired by the 80's look that makes you stand out of the crowd. The classic denim collection features all the required imperfections and natural yarn characteristics using modern technologies but gives you the feeling of ultimate comfort and originality.

All of this was possible through our market knowledge. Each member of our Neela team is very passionate about the industry and is constantly forecasting future trends to ensure we remain on top of the game.

The 80s fashion trend has returned, and many denim mills are embracing it. Nostalgic fashion denim is making a strong comeback, but why choose Retro Thrill?

  • Our mission - Among other things, our mission consists of more than forecasting trends and supplying the demand. We want to make the denim industry more responsible by improving processes and creating innovative fabrics.
  • Research and Innovation - We are not your typical denim mill; we lead the field in incorporating new materials in our denim to support the environment, including hemp, soy fibre, Repreve, organic cotton, Tencel, BCI cotton, recycled cotton, and many more.
  • We are always up to standard - Lastly, we consistently deliver the highest standard throughout our entire operations, reaching recognitions from LEED®, WWF Pakistan, Better Cotton Initiative, OEKO-TEX, and more.

With Retro Thrill, we provide the vintage jeans collection that everybody desires. Through our innovative fabrics and practices, we can create vintage denim that feels authentic and of high quality. 

In Neela, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. By utilising our processes and considering market trends, we can create premium denim that customers love. For more information about our denim, contact our team at Neela today.